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Vial #1: Primal Concentrate
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 Dominant Male Collection



The latest developments in the field of Subliminal Technology.  


Subliminal Screensaver

(For windows only)

Use your computer to send Subliminal Messages to Program others, or to Motivate yourself !

Now when you are not using your computer, and it switches to "screensaver mode", you begin sending hundreds of subliminal messages per minute to anyone who is in general area. These Subliminal messages penetrate their subconscious mind, and re-surface as their own ideas.

Its your secret why you, and those around your computer become so unusually helpful in making you and your life more successful, and fulfilled.

 All of the MEPHISTO SUBLIMINAL SCRIPTS are now available in two


                          1).The Aquarium     2).Raindrops.

only 19.95 plus 4.95 s&h

Design your own customized Subliminal Screensaver for only $139.00

Call 1 708-932-0722 for details, and help in designing your Custom Screensaver.


The Pink Noise Subliminal

Pink noise contains a sound wave pattern that is exclusively designed for women.

These Sound waves have a hypnotic effect on women only. Most likely, these sounds mimic the sound of the normal breathing and heart beat rhythm of a healthy baby, which creates a secure comfortable feeling.

Unlike our white noise, which was difficult to play at night because of its high pitch and volume, the pink noise is virtually undetectable, making it ideal for night time playing.

Pink Noise is available on CD or Cassette under any of our Subliminal scripts for only $16.95



This new tea combines for the first time, ten of the Worlds  most effective botanical and herbal sexual stimulants,  and has combined them in an "easy to use tea bag." Each Tea Bag contains a blend of  roots, leaves, bark, and seeds, from proven sexual stimulants, gathered from around the World.

 Each of these stimulants have been used for centuries by various cultures Worldwide , and would be very effective if used alone, but when combined together,  the results are astounding !!!

 Simply serve this tea hot or cold one hour before sexual activity.

FOR MEN: Erotica Tea has an effect much like 'Viagra', but with no side effects, such as headache, stuffy nose, etc...                          

FOR WOMEN: Erotica Tea  INCREASES  LUBRICATION naturally in the vagina, and increases blood flow to the clitoris, making her more sensitive to your touch. This sensitivity makes it easier for the woman to achieve MULTIPLE ORGASMS!!!

              24 tea bags $16.95



Our newest hour of love selection       

Erotic Subliminal  messages are placed underneath the Original music of the Indian sex ritual  KAMA SUTRA, which dates back over 1700 years.

The word KAMA SUTRA alone immediately evokes erotic associations. MEPHISTO has taken this original sexual ritual music to new heights of erotic pleasure by imbedding Subliminal messages that release the sexual animal in both men and women, designed to be played just prior to, and during lovemaking, to intensify the pleasures of sex, and encourage you and your mate to experiment with new sexual ideas.

These erotic Subliminal messages hidden under this music will secretly overcome any woman's sexual hang-ups, inhibitions, modesty, stubbornness, or feelings of shame or guilt about sex . 

  Available on CD or Cassette $16.95 

 on VHS Video $29.95   

                     on DVD Video $39.95


The Great Lovers Kit

The Great Lovers Kit includes: The Great Lovers are Made, Not Born CD or Cassette Tape, and you choose the musical cover selection. BUT this Kit also includes all of the tools that you need to be a MARATHON LOVER !

This concept can transform you into a great lover through the technology of SUBLIMINAL   MOTIVATION. Because how desirable and attractive you appear to women is essentially dependent upon your attitude and state of mind, Subliminal stimuli can alter your thought processes so that you project an image of a suave and assured lover. You unconsciously reveal your opinion of yourself for everyone to read, Your facial expression, your posture, your words, your reactions all betray your assessment of yourself. If you have a low opinion of yourself, feel inferior, lack confidence, or feel ill at ease around women, they sense it and they reject you!

 NOTHING YOU DO OR SAY CAN HIDE YOUR APPRAISAL OF YOURSELF from their unconscious eye. They will not accept a lover who is unsure of himself! BECAUSE WOMEN CHOOSE LOVERS THROUGH A SUBCONSCIOUS PROCESS, AND REMEMBER THEY ARE PROGRAMMED TO SEEK THE DOMINANT MALE! YOU MUST APPEAL TO THEM ON THAT LEVEL!! This program will transform you into that confident desirable lover. 

Also included in this special kit

90 day supply of our super male erection pill, a safe healthy alternative to "Viagra". This pill contains raw testicular, the building block for testosterone. The more testosterone your body produces the more manly you are unfortunately testosterone level peak and begin to decline at the age of 16.

This pill contains 14 different ingredients all designed to raise your testosterone and sperm levels plus the amino acids L-Carmitine and L-Histidine to strengthen the muscles that control blood flow and ejaculation, enabling you to achieve and maintain a longer and harder erection.

Also included

 Video, or DVD  by Francis Dewey Center for Human Studies:

Secrets of a Marathon Lover.

Plus a segment that actually shows you ultimate sex education from A to Z including how to satisfy her with a one hour orgasm, with up close videos of the exact "G Spots" for maximum pleasure. It is so concise you will have no trouble in learning this technique. You will discover things about her that you never knew existed!

Learn from this Video or DVD exact pressure points on your own body that will stop premature ejaculation in its tracks. Plus a dozen more secret tips for controlling and prolonging your erection. Learn  how to get more pleasure out of the actual sexual act than the climax. 

And finally FREE with this special kit

One year supply of our famous all Natural Orgasmic Oil

 Remember it's even edible, just one drop on any of the "G Spots" described on the Video or DVD above will trigger multiple, explosive orgasms.

All these items sold separately would cost over $100.00 

Our special offer:

"Great Lovers Kit" is only $49.95 


Wake up Wash 

Wake up Your Sexuality

 Mephisto's new stimulating pre-sex genital & anal wash kills all external germs and bacteria on contact.  Keep in mind , it will not kill viruses inside the body, so remember to always practice safe sex.

The most incredible feature of this wake-up pre-sex wash is its power to increase blood flow to the male and female sex organs, exciting both to the brink of ecstasy.  the results will drive you both crazy, and because of its cool fresh taste, it makes all forms of oral sex a joy

six months supply only $ 19.95


Orgasmic Oil

As featured on the Oprah Show

 Simply rub it on her clitoris and within seconds her vagina begins to lubricate and swell making it easier for her to climax. All natural ingredients, it's even edible. Turns faked orgasms into MULTIPLE ORGASMS

Only $19.95 + S.&H. 


Rapidly Eliminate Stress


Mephisto has developed a new program to eliminate stress, anxiety and even lift depression all within one hour.

 This Rapid Elimination program combines the latest audio -cranial stimulation with Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta sound waves all of these sound waves stimulate different sections of the brain. Harness the power of your mind to overcome the daily encounters of stressful events that bring on anxiety and depression.

How This Program Works the four different sound patterns used in this program each affect a different portion of your brain. The Alpha Sound Wave which is the Dominant sound pattern used in this program stimulates the creative part of the mind, which helps you solve your daily problems at the same time the Theta Sound Waves stimulate the part of the mind that feels pleasure.

  The Delta Sound Waves have been reported to help in healing the body , but it is also a massive sleep inducers, better than sleeping pills , because it all natural sleep not induced by drugs.

 The Beta Sound Waves actually train the part of the mind that controls concentration, strengthening it, allowing you to stay focused on the duties of life. With this program you will feel confident, refreshed, and full of positive energy.

The results are so profound, you will feel the difference after one session. IMPORTANT : in order to achieve maximum results from the "R.E.S." program Headphones must be used with the "R.E.S." program.

  available on CD or Cassette tape.


Rapid Weight Loss


 This New Program also contains The Latest in Audio/Cranial Stimulation in order to bring about Rapid Weight Loss. First there are specific Theta sound waves that suppress the appetite center of the brain, while your conscious mind hears a soothing voice that reprograms you with a positive body image.

Within minutes, soothing sound wave gently dissolve mental barriers to change. You will experience a definite change in how you think about your body after just one session, and also a change in your food preferences immediately, there has never been a weight loss program like this new" R.W.L." before, it will change your body and your mind forever.

  How to use the "R.W.L." Program  use R.W.L. at a time and place in which you are not likely to be disturbed, position yourself comfortably, either sitting or lying down with your  spine straight and breathe deeply, this posture allows your natural channels of energy to open up and  flow freely through your spinal column, a good time to listen is just before retiring.

 Remember repetition is the key to success, so the more you listen, the more you will lose. IMPORTANT: In order to achieve maximum results from the "R.W.L." Program Headphones must be used.

R.W.L. only $16.95 available on CD or Cassette tape.



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Vial #1: Primal Concentrate
Vial #2:
Cupid Spark


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